Temperature Conversion

Temperature Conversion

This is a easy trick to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius & vice versa.

The answer you will get will not be an exact one, but it will give you an idea of the temperature you are looking at.

Fahrenheit to Celsius:

Take 30 away from the Fahrenheit, then divide the answer by 2. This is your answer in Celsius.


94 Fahrenheit - 30 = 64. Then divide by two, 32 Celsius.

so 94 Fahrenheit = 32 Celsius.

Celsius to Fahrenheit just do the reverse:

Double it, then add 30.

40 Celsius double it, is 80, then add 30 is 110

40 Celsius = 110 Fahrenheit


Lucian said...

Good trick, i've cheched your results with Tampile temperature convertor and the results were close, not exactly but good and simple formula to use. It is pretty hard to do the exact transformation by mind.

94 fahrenheit is 34 celsius by using the converter specified above, the result with yor formula it is not far, you can at least make a guess on what 94 fahrenheit means, cold or hot.

40 celsius is 104 fahrenheit not far at all from 110.

SR lakshmi said...

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